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Floyd County MGEVs Highlight

“When it comes to volunteers, the first names that effortlessly come to mind in my bustling thoughts are Ginny Word and Ruth Forrester. Ginny, a dedicated Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer for Floyd County since completing the class in 2009, and Ruth, a dedicated volunteer since her class in 2011, have become indispensable members of our team. These two remarkable ladies possess distinct personalities, each contributing a unique blend of passion, reliability, teamwork, creativity, patience, energy, positivity, independence, willingness to help, organization, courage, compassion, and humility. Working alongside them has been a joy, as they bring a wealth of qualities that enrich our shared endeavors. Throughout the years, my understanding of Ginny and Ruth has deepened, and reciprocally, they have become pillars of support, offering much-needed compassion, comfort, and guidance not only in our professional pursuits but also in our personal lives. A delightful bonus of having Ginny and Ruth as “my” volunteers is the privilege of getting to know their spouses. Ginny’s husband, Jay Word, is a computer whiz, a car enthusiast, and a witty individual who exudes a laid-back demeanor akin to a beach bum on a sunny day. Meanwhile, Ruth’s husband, Ben Forrester, brings a wealth of experience as a former executive, college instructor, speed enthusiast, witty conversationalist, and avid golfer always in search of the next 18 holes. Together, these two remarkable women have dedicated nearly 3,000 hours to volunteer service. Ginny, the visionary creator and dynamic force behind our initiatives, brings big ideas to life with unwavering determination. On the other hand, Ruth, our meticulous organizer and inspiring motivator, excels at encouraging and marketing, skillfully inviting others to join through a combination of persuasive requests and genuine compassion. Together, this dynamic duo adds immeasurable value to our team, infusing our work with dedication, camaraderie, and a touch of humor that makes each day a pleasure.” -Keith Mickler, Floyd County Extension