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Resources for GA MGEVs

Today, we appreciate the Georgia MGEVs who work tirelessly to build demonstration gardens to show others how to grow plants and landscapes. These gardens are like outdoor classrooms. They are organized around a horticultural concept, like supporting pollinators, being water-smart, or choosing native plants. MGEVs build a garden around this horticultural concept so that others can see a visual example that they can replicate at home. Demonstration gardens can be a single bed planted with one specific theme or a series of gardens designed to teach about many different ideas or practices. To share the gardens with others, MGEVs lead tours to explain the choices made and practices implemented in the garden. Sometimes, they’ll host workshops at the site, offering a chance for the public to ask questions and study the garden in-depth.

MGEVs are very actively involved all over the state in demonstration gardens, which are probably the most popular project choice for MGEVs. These gardens offer a great way for people to learn about plants and gardening through observation of MGEVs at work, tours, and workshops. In June, take the opportunity to visit demonstration gardens around the state during our Open Garden Days! Use our comprehensive garden guide to plan your garden visits! Master Gardeners, it might be time for group road trips to visit gardens and chat with volunteers in nearby counties!