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Registrations are streaming in for Grow Strong! 2017! We are very much looking forward to the approaching event date and all the event has to offer to Master Gardeners around the state. As we endeavor to present you with the latest research pertaining to the state initiatives that outline the structure of the GA MGEV Program, we are excited to be addressing the health benefits of gardening because plants and nature have known positive benefits for human health and wellbeing, including stress reduction, improved memory and concentration, higher work quality, higher work accuracy, and improved learning. MGEV projects focus on teaching the value of the interior and exterior landscape for human health, well-being, and quality of life, transferring knowledge and skills to intended audiences so that they might utilize this information for personal health, and a healthier workplace and community.


On February 24, 2017, Dr. Marth DeHart will address this initiative and speak on the therapeutic uses and benefits of horticulture. Martha Roberts DeHart has been interested in and involved with Horticultural Therapy (HT) for nearly 30 years across 4 states. She has held numerous offices at national and regional levels for the professional organizations that promote and educate others on HT as a viable treatment option in multiple settings. Martha holds a B.S. in Horticulture Science and an M.S. in Educational Psychology – both from Texas A&M. Her doctoral degree is from UGA’s College of Education where her dissertation focused on occupational instruction for persons with disabilities in public gardening. She earned her Georgia Master Gardener Certification in 1998. Martha has held training and leadership roles at UGA’s Trial Garden, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, and UGA’s Latin American EthnoBotanical Garden in addition to conducting research in HT while serving in several garden-related volunteer posts. Martha currently teaches at Athens Technical College and mentors UGA student athletes as well as organizes twice-weekly HT session at a local personal care home for residents with dementia & mobility issues. She believes plants and people belong together no matter what!

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