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Resources for GA MGEVs

Today, we are so thankful to the MGEVs who help people heal and return to wellness by means of gardening activities. MGEVs lend their horticulture knowledge to gardening projects for individuals recovering from illness or regaining strength after an accident. They show others how to adapt tools and gardening practices so that people can continue to enjoy the pleasures and rewards of gardening no matter their abilities. By leading, taking part in, or providing consultation for therapeutic or enabled gardening projects, MGEVs are providing those who cannot garden in the traditional sense with continued access to gardening and horticulture.

Paulding County MGEV Highlight

“In August of 2023, Paulding Master Gardeners began hosting quarterly programs for our friends at Paulding Enterprises, a program for disabled adults in Paulding County. Programs have covered the Great Southeast Pollinator Census, Winter Seed Sowing, Vermicomposting and a vegetable garden program. The team from Paulding Enterprises even joined MGEVs on a beautification project last fall as “Honorary Master Gardeners!” This team makes sure to deliver programs that are not only educational but fun!” -Christen Thomas, Paulding County Extension

Paulding Enterprises and MGEVs team up for a community project