Travis Tankersley

  • Getting Ready for Fruiting Plants

    Fall is finally here and it is almost time to start planting new trees and fruit producing bushes. If you want to be successful and give your new plants the best opportunity to grow and thrive, then you have to start at the ground and work your way up. You literally have to start with…

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  • Yellow-Legged Hornet

    The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA), in coordination with the USDA and the University of Georgia, announced the confirmation of the non-native Yellow-Legged Hornet (Vespa velutina) in Savannah, Georgia on the 9th of August. This is the first confirmed sighting of this hornet in Georgia. The Yellow-Legged Hornet is originally from Southeast Asia and can…

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  • Vinegar Acidity Matters

    Recent concerns have been buzzing around vinegar used for canning. Specifically the acidity level. The main concern is the use of 4% acidic vinegar when canning products. The use of vinegar with acidity levels lower than 5% is strongly advised against, as it may not be sufficiently strong enough to ensure the safety of the…

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