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By: Shelby Mumma, 4-H Educator

The lack of digital skills is contributing to a growing opportunity gap in areas like education, employment, healthcare, social fulfillment and entrepreneurship, with rural communities and communities of color being most affected. Long and Liberty Co. 4-H are teaming up to create a Tech Changemakers Team that will put teens at the forefront of increasing digital inclusion in the area through collaboration with community members, local elected officials, nonprofits, educators and businesses. These teen leaders explore the impact of the digital divide in their communities, learn high value digital skills, and provide adults with the tools to find additional opportunities for employment, new information, and a greater social online presence. “We hope that our approach positively impacts our community, both by helping adults with technology education, as well as empowering teens with leadership skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors” says 4-H Educator, Shelby Mumma. The local 4-H Tech Changemakers program will be using the “teens as teachers” model for experiential learning and hopes to have bi-weekly or monthly meetings throughout the next several months. Lessons will include how to create strong passwords to protect accounts, searching for jobs online, guidelines for video conferencing, interviewing basics, and how to write professional emails. Any adult can sign up to attend their meetings by contacting the Long Co. Ext. Office at (912) 545-9549 or by emailing Ms. Shelby (shelby.mumma@uga.edu).

Please share flyer with anyone you know that may be interested.