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Asian Longhorn Tick

As temperatures begin to rise, so do external parasites on livestock. One new external parasite for Georgia livestock producers is the Asian Longhorned Tick. This tick was found in Pickens County, Georgia in 2021.

The Asian Longhorned tick is native to eastern Asia, and in 2017, the USDA confirmed that the tick was
present in the United States. Subsequently, it’s been identified in several states in the eastern United States.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture recommends the following advice to farmers, foresters, and those who frequent areas where ticks are abundant:
• Wear long pants, with shoes and socks – no flip flops or sandals in these areas.
• Check yourself carefully after strolling through likely tick habitats and remove any ticks immediately. If
possible, have someone else check the back of your neck and other hard-to-see places.
• Work with your veterinarian and extension agent to discuss an appropriate tick strategy for your flock or
• Check cattle, horses, sheep, goats and other free ranging animals routinely for any kind of ticks and
remove immediately.
• While there are no approved insecticides for the Longhorned tick in the U.S., many of the commonly
used permethrin preparations used in the country today are effective. Livestock producers must observe
tissue withdrawal times for all insect prevention or treatment preparations used in or on food animals.
• If you find a large number of ticks on an individual animal, call your veterinarian and report it to GDA
Animal Health at 404-656-3667.
• You can find additional information regarding the Asian Longhorned Tick at

Asian Longhorned Tick Webinar