Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents

Georgia 4-H’ers Perform in Little Rock

The 4-H Talent Review was spectacular last night in Little Rock!  Eight of our Georgia 4-H’ers rocked the stage with their singing, dancing and playing musical instrument talents. 4-Her’s included: Callista Clark from Williamson; Cubby Rupers from Hull; Hannah French from Cordele; Kira Howard from Twin City; Marie Hayes from…
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Together Everyone Accomplishes More

GACAA members had a first busy day in Little Rock.  Many of us spent the day attending National committee chair and vice chair workshops, State officers workshop and visiting with vendors at the trade show.  Vice President Elect Brian Cresswell had the honor of walking across the stage presenting our…
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Finding Treasures – Greeting from the Natural State

Today kicks off the 101st Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement conference of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Much of your GACAA leadership and members are here attending this week receiving recognition, presenting the great work we do in Georgia, and learning new ideas from…
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A First Timer’s Perspective

nacaa pic

The 2015 NACAA AM/PIC in South Dakota was my first experience with a national meeting. I wanted to provide some insight to those who maybe looking to travel to Arkansas next year and let them know it is not that a troublesome task to make a national meeting.

Our state association does a fantastic job on providing financial assistance for those who WANT to attend these national meeting. If you are willing to provide just a little information about UGA Extension through a seminar or poster, GACAA provides even more assistance. I know we have amazing young agents in Georgia and believe other states would benefit from the information we could provide. So, at this year’s state meeting ask your senior or junior district director about the upcoming national meeting.
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Seminars Provide Great Information

Topics during this year’s professional improvement seminars ranged from food deserts to utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture. There were 79 presentations available to attendees, so it is safe to say there was something for everyone. Not only did the Georgia attendees receive some great information, but some also presented some of the great programs we have in Georgia!
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Achievement Award Winners

NACAA President Mike Hogan is shown presenting the achievement award to Brenda Jackson, Murray County CEC and Whitfield ANR Agent. Agents receiving this award must show outstanding programming and must have worked at least ten years. Her programming includes forage field days, community gardening and food preservation. She has an…
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Places of Interest and Annual Banquet

Ray Hicks visited the Corn Palace yesterday in Sioux Falls. The Corn Palace serves the community as a venue for concerts, sports events, exhibits and other community events. Each year, the Corn Palace is celebrated with a citywide festival, the Corn Palace Festival. Historically it was held at harvest time…
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Bees are Big Business in South Dakota

There are over 100 commercial Beekeepers who manage over 225,000 colonies of bees in the state. Since 2008 honey production has been worth over 25 million dollars per year to SODAK Beekeepers. it is evident that honey production is big business in South Dakota and nationally they rank number 2 in the United States for total honey production.
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NACAA AM/PIC Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Hello! As your GACAA Secretary, I have updated the blog to keep you abreast of our activities this week. Sam Ingram will be assisting me through the week as well. This week is the National Association of County Agricultural Agents AM/PIC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Georgia is well represented…
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