Adventure With Us

This page contains a variety of hands-on activities for teachers, parents and youth to dive into! Look around to find resources you’re most interested in!

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia provides a variety of on site and at home educational resources that are fun for the whole family!

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“Zoom into Science” is an educational series offered by the Georgia 4-H program.  These online, 1-hour zoom sessions allow participants to learn more from experts in their field as well as being exposed to a variety of science-related careers.  Each session ends with a “question and answer” session with the scientist(s), allowing you to directly engage with these individuals. ANYONE can participate; it is not limited to registered 4-H members.  

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“Sweet Science Wednesdays” is an educational series hosted by Debra Cox, Mitchell County 4-H Educator. Each Wednesday, Mrs. Debra shares a hands-on science experiment that you can complete from home! You never know what she will share!

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The From The Mountains To The Sea series is hosted by the Georgia 4-H Centers. These online, educational sessions highlight many of the programs available at the 4-H Centers. 

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Blast Off with Georgia 4-H on a series of virtual missions from the comfort of your home!

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