Activities for Children

Weekly Plans

These printable PDF plans include a suggested sequence of activities for a three-week program.

All Activities

The table below contains printable PDF versions of all 75 activities.

Animal Movement SongMusicReview-Physical Activity
Apples on the Apple TreeArtFruits
Awesome ApplesauceScienceFruits
Banana CreamScienceReview-Physical Activity
Beans, Beans, Sort Those BeansMathProteins
Body ShapesMathBe Physically Active
Bop ‘Til You Drop Dance StudioDramatic Play
Bread Comes to LifeLiterature and Story Stretching ActivitiesGrains
Breakfast Container 3-D ArtArtEat Breakfast
Breakfast Foods LottoMathEat Breakfast
Breakfast Foods Lotto CardsMathEat Breakfast
Bubble Wrap DanceOutdoor ActivityBe Physically Active
Cereal GraphMathGrains
Drink Your Water SongMusicDrink Water
Eat Your Breakfast SongMusicEat Breakfast
Egg Balancing GameOutdoor ActivityProteins
Exploring Fruit PeelsScienceHealthy Eating Review
Favorite Vegetables MuralArtVegetables
Find Your Activity PartnersMusicDrink Water
Fishing for Healthy FoodMathReview: Eat a Variety of Foods
Float an EggScienceProteins
Follow the Activity LeaderLarge GroupBe Physically Active
Food Groups BingoMathReview-Healthy Eating
Food Groups SongMusicReview-Healthy Eating
Fruit Salad Foot RacesOutdoor ActivityFruits
Fun Frozen YogurtScienceDairy
Grain Scavenger HuntOutdoor ActivityGrains
Grocery StoreDramatic Play
Growing Bodies SongMusicReview: Eat a Variety of Foods
Growing Bodies SongMusicDairy
Growing ColorsArtReview: Eat a Variety of Foods
Healthy Bear Asks, “Which One Doesn’t Belong?”Large GroupReview: Eat a Variety of Foods
Healthy Bear Says, “Drink Dairy”Large GroupDairy
Healthy Bear Says, “Drink Water”Large GroupDrink Water
Healthy Bear Says, “Eat Breakfast”Large GroupEat Breakfast
Healthy Bear Says, “Eat Your Veggies”Large GroupVegetables
Healthy Bear Says, “Freeze!”Large GroupReview-Physical Activity
Healthy Bear Says, “Get Up and Go!”Large GroupBe Physically Active
Healthy Bear Says, “Grains Give Us Energy”Large GroupGrains
Healthy Bear Says, “Pick Your Protein”Large GroupProteins
Healthy Bear Says, “Choose MyPlate”Large GroupMyPlate
Healthy Bear Says, “Find Fruits”Large GroupFruits
Healthy Bear’s Great AdventureOutdoor ActivityReview-Physical Activity
HydrationScienceReview-Physical Activity
I Want to Be Active Obstacle CourseOutdoor ActivityBe Physically Active
Ice Cube PaintingArtDrink Water
It’s Pizza TimeScienceReview: Eat a Variety of Foods
Let’s Be Merry – Drink DairyMathDairy
Let’s Make a Healthy Plate!MathMyPlate
Let’s Paint with YogurtArtDairy
Let’s Play BallMathBe Physically Active
Making Activity PredictionsScienceBe Physically Active
Making Breakfast CampsideOutdoor ActivityEat Breakfast
Milking a CowOutdoor ActivityDairy
My Healthy Body SongMusicBe Physically Active
MyPlate Bean Bag TossOutdoor ActivityMyPlate
MyPlate CollageArtMyPlate
MyPlate Observation StationScienceMyPlate
MyPlate Spin and StretchOutdoor ActivityReview-Healthy Eating
MyPlate Treasure HuntOutdoor ActivityReview: Eat a Variety of Foods
Mystery Fruit BoxMathFruits
Mystery PaintingsArtReview-Healthy Eating
Nutrition BallLarge GroupReview-Healthy Eating
Oatmeal Makes a Tasty BreakfastScienceEat Breakfast
Pasta NecklaceArtGrains
Physical Activity CollageArtReview-Physical Activity
Silly Sack JumpingScienceBe Physically Active
Silly Stretch ArtArtBe Physically Active
Sink or FloatScienceVegetables
Sponge Toss ArtArtBe Physically Active
The Snack ShackDramatic Play
Veggie HuntOutdoor ActivityVegetables
Water Drinking ChartMathDrink Water
Water Helps Us GrowOutdoor ActivityDrink Water
Water with a SliceScienceDrink Water