Reproduction is a large key to maintaining dairy farm profitability and sustainability.  Failure in a reproductive program can inevitably result in increased times of low milk production and increases in culling.  The reproductive articles by the authors are aimed at aiding producers in selecting, evaluating, and managing their reproductive programs.  We are always looking for new items to write and talk about.  Something of interest to you? Let us know by simply going to the Contact Us page!

Publications are ordered by year published.


Impact of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) on Reproduction in Cattle – J Fain

Improving Artificial Insemination Techniques – W Graves and R Smith


Setting Goals to Improve Breeding Strategies – W Graves

Solving Postpartum Breeding Problems – W Graves

Heat Detection Strategies for Dairy Cattle – W Graves

Dairy Herd Synchronization Programs – W Graves

Dairy Reproduction Benchmarks – J Smith, W Gilson, L Ely, and W Graves


Improving Dairy Heifer Reproductive Management – W Graves

Speaking Spanish to Improve Dairy Cattle Reproduction – W Graves