The UGA Dairy Team is committed to providing producers and industry members with information about the newest tools and techniques, as well as the ongoing research conducted by our team. Our publications are organized by category.

  • holstein calf in a small pen


    Reproduction is essential to maintaining a dairy operation in that is both profitable and sustainable. These publications provide resources for producers in selecting, evaluating, and managing their reproductive programs.

  • student and professor collecting milk sample from a dairy cow


    Mastitis is an economically important disease of dairy cows because it reduces the quantity as well as the quality of milk produced, and as a consequence, lowers producer profits. These publications cover tools and procedures to prevent and treat mastitis.

  • student bringing grain to group of cows at feed bunk


    There are two major factors that can greatly impact the profitability of a dairy operation – milk yield and feed cost. These publications offer insight help a producer make decisions to maximize productivity and profitability.