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Small Grains

  • Scout for Winter Grain Mite

    We are dealing with one suspected case of winter grain mites in the state at present. Please be aware that it is likely that this insect pest is working in fields right now. Farms where manure has been applied at high rates are predisposed to having an issue with this. We’ve already had weather conditions that favor its…

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  • The first case of Crown Rust in oats has been identified here in Colquitt County. When deciding if, how, and when to manage the disease, there are a few important points to consider. First, is your crop infected? The disease looks like a typical rust. See images below for illustrations. Second, what is your goal for…

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  • We are currently in the process of scheduling the 2013-2014 production meetings. We want to offer programs that are both interesting and beneficial to our producers. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this years meetings, please feel free to call, email, stop-by, or comment below. Tentative offer of meetings in no certain order…

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  • 2013 Forage Budgets

    The Fall 2013 Forage Budgets have been posted.  They are available in printed and electronic form.  Links to the different formats are given below. For the Excel budgets you may have to scroll down some to find them. Even though the Excel budgets state they are for Rye, users can substitute other forages such as wheat or…

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  • Stored Grain Protectants

    Below is an update on stored grain protectants from Extension Entomologist Dr. Mike Toews… Based on my call volume this week, it is evident that we have a problem with grain protectant availability for the 2013 corn crop.  I’ve visited with representatives from each company about these issues and will try to explain below.  Regardless of…

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  • The Georgia 2012-2013 Small Grain Performance Tests annual publication (AP100-5) is now available on the Variety Testing web site. Below is a summary of recommended varieties for 2013. For more information on planting dates, variety characteristics, pest control and other topics follow the link where you can view the full report. https://www.swvt.uga.edu/small.html  

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