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Solar power provides options for farmers

In recent years, more agricultural producers have looked into solar arrays, either to power their own farms or as an alternate source of income that they can use to help stabilize their farm balance sheets. Here are a few stories I have seen recently related to solar power. Grist: Cash-strapped…
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Split pattern continues in rainfall this week

After a dry weekend, rain returns to inland parts of the Southeast on Monday, with rain continuing through mid-week before tapering off by week’s end. The pattern of wet north, dry south continues again this week, with the northern and western edges of the region in the Tennessee River Valley…
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Warm winter affects bees, parasites

The Dahlonega Nugget had an interesting story this week about the negative impacts of this warm winter has had on bee populations in northeast Georgia. According to the story, the warmer conditions cause the bees to be more active, but with few flowers blooming they use up more energy foraging…
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