Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Is climate engineering effective?

Some scientists have proposed reducing the effects of a warming climate by using engineering approaches to combat the effects of increased greenhouse gas concentrations.  These approaches include planting more forests, fertilizing the ocean to increase the uptake of carbon through algae growth, and space mirrors to redirect solar energy away…
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Farming in the modern Dust Bowl

The National Public Radio station in southeast Missouri has an interesting story about how farmers in the historic Dust Bowl region have been able to adapt to recent droughts using modern technology and the results of years of agricultural research.  Even though conditions in the central Plains have been almost…
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Interactive tornado tracker tool

Here is a neat tool for looking at historical tornado tracks across the country.  It is run by the Midwestern Climate Center using the official Storm Prediction Center database and mapped onto an interactive map.  You can zoom into your county and filter by date and Fujita scale of tornado. …
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