Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

How aerosols affect climate

Aerosols are tiny particles floating in the air. They can come from natural sources like bursting bubbles on the ocean, which release tiny crystals of sea salt into the air, or volcanic eruptions, which emit ash and sulfuric acid as tiny droplets. They can also come from human pollution like…
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Rain across the region this week

Rain will occur across the region this week, although the lightest amounts are expected to occur where most needed in southern Georgia and northern Florida. All of that rain will fall in the next three days as the next storm system moves through the area and will be followed by…
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Video: Views of Earth from space

If you like satellite images of Earth, you might enjoy this video which captures some historic views of the Earth from various vantage points in space. It’s put together by NASA and is about four minutes long. You can view it at
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Severe drought enters SE Georgia while other areas improve

The latest Drought Monitor, released on Thursday, show that an area of severe drought has been added to southeastern Georgia in response to very warm temperatures and lack of rainfall. Moderate drought was introduced to the South Carolina coast as well.  Drought was removed from northeastern Alabama and northwestern Georgia…
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