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La Nina now expected to last well into spring

According to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, we have a 100 percent chance of a La Nina through winter, and a better than 90 percent chance through early spring. After that, the probability drops but stays above 50 percent through the March-May period before we go into the typical low probability…
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New paper to help counties assess climate risk in the future

If you are ever asked about your area’s climate risk due to changes in climate for later in this century, particularly around the 2040’s, you will find this new paper published by Springer in Natural Hazards to be very useful (it’s open access so you don’t have to pay to…
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Dry all week for most of the region

Unless you live in Florida, you are not likely to much if any rain this week. There is a small chance on Sunday as a weak cold front moves through the area, but by Tuesday a big high pressure dome will park over us, leading to nothing but blue skies…
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