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More of the same, again

“Rise and shine, campers, it’s Groundhog Day!” Are you feeling like every day is the same now that you are practicing social distancing and working at home? Probably not if you are a first responder, farmer, or NWS employee. Thanks to all of you who are working to keep us…
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Happy astronomical spring!

Today marks the start of astronomical spring (remember, climatological spring started on March 1). It is also known as the vernal equinox because days and nights are of equal length. It’s the earliest start to spring in well over 100 years because of the leap year and other factors. You…
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Abnormally dry conditions now cover much of Florida

The latest Drought Monitor, released this morning, shows that while there is no change in drought from last week, the area of abnormally dry conditions have expanded significantly in Florida over the last week due to the very light precipitation they have received. There was also a slight increase in…
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