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Small area of drought introduced to central Virginia

The latest Drought Monitor, released this morning, shows, that most areas of abnormally dry (D0) conditions remain the same, but that a small area of moderate (D1) drought was added to central Virginia this week. There were no changes to the Puerto Rico map, either. With relatively light amounts of…
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Northwest onions stressed by heat

The Packer reported this week that one of the consequences of the dramatic high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest is the impact on onions. Demand for onions is increasing as more restaurants open up, but the heat has caused problems for onions and stressed them. One result is that onions…
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Tornado trends over time

Here is an excellent piece describing trends in tornadoes in the United States over time from Yale Climate Connections. The online title asks if climate change is affecting tornado climatology, and the short answer is “not as far as we can tell now”. There are some trends towards seeing more…
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