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Resilient Rural America Project

The Resilient Rural America Project is a program that is designed to help rural Americans become more resilient to extreme weather as well as changing climate conditions. You can read more about it at One of their major outputs so far has been an online module that rural communities…
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Georgia Farm Bureau: Challenges Loom as Harvest Season Commences

Growing Georgia published an article from the Georgia Farm Bureau which provided a good and extensive look at the impacts that extreme weather and drought have had on Georgia crops this year. They also discuss what producers are watching as they harvest their crops. You can read it at
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When should you plant bulbs?

The UGA Weather Network got a nice mention by Walter Reeves, the Georgia Gardener, in his weekly newsletter a few days ago. In one of his short articles he says that if you are thinking about planting fall bulbs, you should wait until the nighttime temperatures are consistently below 60…
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