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NCCO: How Howling Hugo Became the Western Piedmont’s Worst Hurricane

The North Carolina Climate Office has issued the latest in their series of blog posts looking at  historical hurricanes and their impacts on the state. Next up is Hurricane Hugo, which hit North Carolina in September 1989, causing huge problems inland because of the strong winds associated with the hurricane’s…
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Active tropics continue

At present there are two named storms in the Atlantic basin. Humberto has become a major hurricane today but is moving away from the Southeast towards the east and is no longer a threat to us, although there is a chance it could hit Bermuda. Tropical Depression Imelda was briefly…
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Photos: Before and after pictures of NC coast after Hurricane Dorian

Hurricanes and tropical storms can remake coastlines. This is one reason that we evacuate people from vulnerable coastal areas even when storms stay out to sea. Here is a set of before and after images of the North Carolina coast before and after Hurricane Dorian approached the area. In some…
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