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Hourly forecasts from the National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has a good graphical forecast tool for hourly weather variables available on their web sites.  You can get instructions for how to get one for your location at The forecast has a number of parameters to choose from, including temperature, wind, humidity, rain and other forms of precipitation,…
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Tornado track tool from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center

If you’ve ever been asked about how many tornadoes passed through a particular county, or other questions related to tornado statistics, you might find this tornado track tool useful.  The Midwestern Regional Climate Center has an interactive tool which allows you to map historical tornado tracks from 1950-2013 across the…
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El Nino finally arrives

This morning NOAA sent out a press release indicating that the long-anticipated El Nino has finally officially arrived.  We’ve been flirting with El Nino-like conditions for several months since the first El Nino watch was issued last spring, but until now the conditions haven’t quite come together.  Here is a…
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