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Stunning river basin map

If you like maps as much as I do, you will be excited to see this amazing map showing all of the river basins in the US in color.  The basin that stands out in the US as a whole is the Mississippi River basin in pink, which dominates much…
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“Pictures show hurricane’s unprecedented damage to North Carolina crops”

The Southeast Farm Press had an excellent slide show on damage to North Carolina farm fields caused by the flooding from Hurricane Matthew here.  Many fields were completely submerged, ruining soybeans and cotton as well as other crops.  These pictures were taken by Hyde County Extension Agent Andrea Gibbs. She credits…
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“Rare, Colorful Lightning Sprites Dance Over Hurricane”

Red sprites are a high-altitude extremely rapid lightning discharge that happens over thunderstorms.  According to a recent National Geographic post, “sometimes called “upward lightning” and “cloud-to-stratospheric lightning,” sprites are momentary bursts of electricity that can literally reach the edge of space, about 50 miles above the ground. They’re rarely documented…
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