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Extreme drought expands in central Florida and southeast Georgia

The latest Drought Monitor, released this morning, shows that while most areas of the Southeast had no changes in their drought conditions, there was an expansion of the extreme drought that is currently plaguing central Florida.  Another area of extreme drought in southeast Georgia expanded east to include coastal areas,…
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Extreme drought reappears in southern Georgia

Today’s Drought Monitor shows a mixed bag of drought trends across the region.  While dry conditions were reduced or removed from southern Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia and the area of extreme drought in northeast Georgia shrunk still further due to recent rains, two areas of extreme drought appeared in southern…
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Extreme drought introduced to Florida peninsula

Heavy rain in the northern part of our region continues to whittle away at drought and abnormally dry conditions, but drought is expanding in the southern half of the region.  The area of severe drought in northeast Georgia continues to shrink, but a new area of severe drought has been…
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