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“California’s vineyards are coming back from the brink of disaster thanks to the winter rains”

Recent rains in California have not only provided a superbloom of wildflowers but have provided desperately needed rain for the vineyards there.  The Los Angeles Times reports: “It’s hard to imagine what might have happened to the region without this season’s rains. Record low rainfall levels, coupled with record average…
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Big expansion of abnormally dry conditions across the region

The latest Drought Monitor, released this morning, shows a large expansion of abnormally dry conditions in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina due to the relatively dry and warm conditions we have experienced since last week.  Keep in mind that the cut-off for rainfall values was this past Tuesday, before…
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Moderate drought expands in Florida, Virginia and North Carolina

The latest Drought Monitor shows that moderate D1 drought expanded by a row of counties in the Florida peninsula and that D1 drought also expanded in western North Carolina and central Virginia.  Severe drought also expanded slightly in Virginia.  There were slight decreases in extreme drought in Alabama near Birmingham.
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