Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Southeast could see an expansion in agriculture under changing climate

Bloomburg Businessweek published a map this week that caught my attention.  It shows the results of a recent research project by German scientists which predict changes in suitability for agriculture in the period 2071-2100 compared to the present under modeled changes in climate.  The map shows that the Southeast is…
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Dry conditions continue to plague farmers

The latest release from the National Agriculture Statistics Service shows that 79 percent of subsurface soils are short on moisture, according to Growing Georgia.   This continuing lack of rainfall has caused crops like soybeans, cotton and peanuts to fade and pastures to stop producing grass.  Even crops that were going…
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“Grow 50% more wheat without adding extra water”

Business Insider shared an article from their Australian counterparts this week discussing some recent research results on ways to improve wheat yields without adding additional water.  In brief, the research showed better crop yields when summer weeds were reduced to preserve moisture, crops were rotated regularly, and seeds were planted…
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