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EPA: Smart Growth Fixes for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

The US Environmental Protection Agency has a new publication available which describes some methods local communities can take to prepare for and adapt to changes in climate.  A list of chapters in the publication is below. Chapter 2: Overcoming Barriers to Climate Adaptation discusses potential social and legal barriers. Chapter…
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“The ominous duo that is rising seas and sinking land”

Don Paul, a television meteorologist from Buffalo NY that I follow on Facebook, has an excellent description of why sea levels are rising and the consequences of both rising sea levels and subsidence of land on coastal cities and ecosystems.  You can read it at
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“Florida Corals Tell of Cold Spells and Dust Bowls Past, Foretell Weather to Come”

The US Geological Survey has an interesting story about the utility of Florida corals to track long-term variations in regional climate.  Similar to tree rings, coral growth patterns can be used as proxy data to study changes in ocean temperature over time.  These patterns show that there are multi-decade oscillations…
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