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NOAA: Globe had 2nd warmest year to date and 3rd warmest June on record

The latest global climate summary for the globe was released today by NOAA.  It shows that overall, this was the third warmest June on record and the second warmest year to date since 1880, just less than last year’s record warmth. Their latest report, which you can read at,…
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So far July 2017 is warmer and wetter than normal

With half of July in the bag, the climate so far has been quite variable, but overall the region is warmer than normal in temperature and slightly wetter than normal in precipitation. The only part of the region that has been cooler than normal is northern Georgia and northeast Alabama,…
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NASA: June 2017 was the 4th warmest on record for Earth

NASA released their latest global climate summary today for June 2017.  It shows that for the earth as a whole, the temperature was the 4th warmest.  But there are some significant variations around the globe, with Antarctica being significantly colder than average and most other places above normal.  You can…
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