Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

SERCC: Climate summary for the Southeast for February 2017

Climate summary for February from the Southeast Regional Climate Center: Temperatures were well above average across the Southeast region, with numerous record-breaking extremes observed during February. Mean temperature departures ranged from 3 to as much as 10 degrees F (1.7 to 5.6 degrees C) above average across the region, with…
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Where Winter 2016-17 Ranked as One of the Warmest, Coldest, Wettest or Driest on Record

Weather Underground‘s blog provided an interesting overview of the 2016-17 winter that ended last week.  Their analysis showed that most of the eastern US experienced top-five warmest years, including quite a few in the Southeast, while a few stations in the Pacific Northwest felt top-five coldest conditions.  California not surprisingly…
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Preliminary quick winter summary for the Southeast

People have been asking me if this is a record-setting winter for temperature.  Using the Southeast Regional Climate Center’s Perspectives tool at, you can look at maps which show the rankings for the month or season to date.  With just a couple of days left to go in the season,…
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