Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

October 2018 so far is much warmer than normal

Has it felt like October to you? Probably not unless you live in southern Florida. Most of the region has been experiencing temperatures that are well above normal in both daytime highs and nighttime lows. If this continued, it would no doubt be a record-setting month. But with a cold…
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September 2018 was very hot and dry in most of Georgia

September 2018 was very hot and dry across most of Georgia, with both daytime maximum temperatures and nighttime minimum temperatures several degrees above normal. Preliminary estimates indicate that Georgia’s September mean temperature will be one of the hottest on record. Rainfall in most of the state was below normal except…
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September 2018 was especially hot in the Southeast

The preliminary climate summary for September 2018 for the US shows that the Southeast and farther north were the regions with the temperatures the most above normal, while precipitation varied widely due to the impacts of Tropical Storm Gordon and Hurricane Florence, which caused significant flooding in parts of the…
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