Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere keeps rising in spite of stabilized emissions

Late in June the New York Times reported that scientists measuring the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere have found a troubling trend–even though emissions of CO2 have leveled off globally, the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere is continuing to rise.  This makes the scientists wonder where the rising CO2…
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More on economic damage of climate change article

Earlier this week I posted an article discussing the economic damages of climate change on different areas of the US and how it is expected to hit the Southeast particularly hard.  Here is another article with a better breakdown of the costs by different sectors.  Crime, both violent and property,…
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“The Gulf of Mexico’s ‘Dead Zone’ Could Nearly Double in Size This Year”

One of the consequences of the rainy conditions in the central US this year has been exceptional runoff of fertilizer and other agricultural chemicals as well as animal waste, most of which make their way down the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico.  These chemicals help lead to the…
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