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“The Earth’s ozone hole is shrinking and is the smallest it has been since 1988”

The Washington Post published a hopeful article earlier this week about the ozone hole over Antarctica, which has been shrinking ever since chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and related chemicals were banned from use as refrigerants.  This year the ozone hole is the smallest it has been since 1988.  It was the largest…
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Using trends to make seasonal forecasts

Yesterday I posted the latest seasonal outlook for winter for the US.  One of the things it showed was the likely impact of the developing La Niña on this coming winter.  But the Climate Prediction Center uses other things as well to make their predictions.  Here at Tom DiLiberto…
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How will increases in warm fall temperatures affect SEC football?

Today’s football game in Athens is being played in temperatures far above normal, although they are not quite as close to record-setting highs as we experienced earlier this week. In fact, in much of the Southeast temperatures the last two weeks have been more like July or August than mid-October,…
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