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Minimum temperatures are rising faster than maximum temperatures

A new study published recently by the Royal Meteorological Society has confirmed what climatologists have known for quite a while–minimum temperatures (which are usually observed around sunrise) are rising faster over time than maximum (daytime) temperatures. One of the results of this is that the daily temperature range between max…
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Beyond the Data: A deeper look at March 2018

The latest issue of NOAA’s Beyond the Data blog by Deke Arndt looks at the statistics of March 2018 in the larger context of how to interpret anomaly maps and trends and discusses what a billion-dollar weather disaster really means. You can read it at
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Climate Change or Global Warming? Three Reasons Not To Be Distracted By The Name Game

If you listen to local media of either party talk about recent trends we have seen in climate, you will notice that some outlets use “climate change” to discuss the trends while others use “global warming”. Scientists generally prefer “climate change” because the changes we are seeing to the climate…
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