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El Ninos don’t all look the same

The Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory released a short article this week describing research to be published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.  In the article it discusses the variability in temperature distributions in different El Nino episodes.  Some episodes feature strong temperature anomalies, while others are weaker.  Some…
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Climate Prediction Center is launching an updated web site

At CPASW today we learned that the Climate Prediction Center is in the process of updating their website to a new, cleaner and more interactive model.  You can view the new beta version of the website at  This site will combine much of the functionality of the old web site,…
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Severe weather chances increase as we move into warmer spring conditions

Now that spring is here and warmer, more humid air is entering the US, severe weather and tornado chances are increasing across the country.  There is an excellent animation that shows how the region of severe weather occurrence moves around the country at the NOAA Storm Prediction Center at  …
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