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How much do climate patterns influence predictability in the US?

NOAA’s blog this week talks about several different climate patterns which may affect the predictability of seasonal climate.  There are a number of different patterns which can affect climate over time, including long-term trends, El Nino, the North Atlantic (also sometimes called Arctic) Oscillation, and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation….
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Excellent editorial on stockmanship from Southeast Cattle Advisor

The SE Cattle Advisor blog ( a wonderful essay on stockmanship this week.  This essay was written by Dr. Lee Jones of the UGA School of Veterinary Medicine. You can read the full essay by clicking here.   Here is the first paragraph to start you off: “Stockmanship, like sustainability, is a…
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Farmers’ Almanac blows summer forecast

Some farmers still rely on forecasts from the Farmers’ Almanac to provide climate information for planning purposes.  The Washington Post this week pointed out that the Farmers’ Almanac got the forecast completely wrong this year in temperature, although it was closer in precipitation in Washington DC (but not in the…
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