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Kudzu marches north as climate warms

Bloomberg News reported on July 25 that kudzu, the bane of the South, is now moving farther and farther north as the temperature increases.  In addition to covering much of Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina (including a few areas of my yard that need some work), it has now been…
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Knox on WeatherBrains tonight

I will be participating in the netcast for WeatherBrains tonight, Monday July 28, to discuss this blog and the general topic of climate and agriculture.  This live webcast, which is also archived as a podcast, is hosted by Dr. James Spann, a famous broadcast meteorologist from Birmingham AL, along with…
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Satsumas a growing crop in south Georgia

Satsumas are a newly popular citrus crop which is being planted in south Georgia in increasing numbers.  Unlike other citrus trees, satsumas need some cold weather to become sweet, and do very well in the Zone 8b climate in south Georgia.  Satsumas are similar to Cuties and are delicious and…
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