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Livestock and climate in the news

I’ve seen a couple of interesting stories on livestock and climate in the news recently.  One story, published in the Los Angeles Times, discusses how scientists at the University of Delaware are studying the genes of chicken with naked necks to see how they might be able to incorporate that…
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PINEMAP group meets to discuss impacts of climate trends on forests

The PINEMAP group is meeting in Athens, GA this week to discuss results from their research and outreach efforts for the last year.  PINEMAP stands for Pine Integrated Network: Education, Mitigation, and Adaptation Project, and is a Coordinated Agricultural Project funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture…
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South Alabama in the bullseye for heavy rains

David Zierden, the Florida State Climatologist, sends this report: North Florida including the Panhandle, south Alabama, and southwest Georgia have experienced a very wet spring this year, topped off by the flooding rains that hit the Pensacola and Mobile area on April 28-30.  But the recent rainfall is just the…
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