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Wind-powered sculptures walk across beaches

This is more whimsy than science, but I thought this article about some amazing wind-powered walking sculptures was really interesting. Dutch artist Theo Jansen creates stunning wind-powered, walking sculptures useing plastic yellow tubes to build his “skeletons” – after that, the sculptures are able to walk on their own with…
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Chilling hours for Georgia UGA weather stations and other locations

Fruit producers in Georgia may be interested in seeing our summary of chilling hours for all 87 UGA weather stations in one place. You can find the complete list which provides chill hours from November 1 through yesterday at It includes the last four years so you can see…
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Abnormally dry conditions expand throughout the Southeast

The latest Drought Monitor, released yesterday, shows that while the amount of drought in Florida has stayed the same, the amount of area covered by abnormally dry conditions has doubled in size from last week. It expanded in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and along the coasts of North and South Carolina….
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