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Local variations in frost

It is probably no surprise to farmers that frost varies widely across their farms, depending on soil type, soil moisture, and elevation.  Rome Ethredge discusses this in a Seminole Crop E News blog post from earlier today, including some of my thoughts on local variations.

If you are interested in seeing the extent of the last cold  period, you can use the Midwestern Regional Climate Center’s map capability to plot the lowest minimum temperatures for a custom period.   Below I’ve plotted maps of minimum temperature interpolated from individual station data to show the extent of the cold air on November 23 and 24.  The air in northern Georgia was actually colder on the morning of the 23rd, but the extent of the cold air reached farther south on the 24th in southeast Georgia, perhaps aided by drier soils there as the cold air pushed south following the cold front.

min temps 11-23-2015  min temps 11-24-2015