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When does fall color reach its peak?

Now that it is September, people are starting to think about fall.  I frequently get asked when the peak color is going to occur.  Of course, conditions vary from year to year depending on the climate conditions each year, but there are a few sites that have really useful information to address this question.

The Southern Regional Climate Center shared a great website on their Facebook page today which shows the progression of color across the US.  It is described at  For the Southeast, the peak color depends on both latitude and elevation, with the higher elevations reaching peak color first.  In the example below, peak color in northern Georgia occurs in late October on average.

If you want to follow the actual color changes this year, I use  Unfortunately, it does not extend all the way through the Southeast, but if you are looking to head north to see some color, it gives you a great idea of what is happening this year.

I’m up in Michigan this weekend, and the first few trees are starting to change color.  So even though it is going to be unusually warm here for the next few days, fall is not far away!

fall colors