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Heavy rain this winter could cause overflow problems for lagoons

Because of the current El Niño, which is expected to last through the winter, heavy rain events of more than 2 inches in a day are twice as likely to occur than usual in the Southeast, according to Florida State Climatologist David Zierden.  You can read an article and watch a video about his outlook at WXTL here.

Because of the increased likelihood of heavy rains, it is especially important for farmers with manure storage structures and lagoons to pump down their levels before the rainy winter begins.  Melony Wilson, UGA animal waste specialist says “Your goal should be to pump your lagoons down to the stop pumping level which you will find in your nutrient management plan, and waste storage structures should be near empty around this time of year.  So as weather allows keep this information in mind.  If a discharge does occur, remember you need to report the discharge to your local EPD office.”

zierden interview