Since I am out of town this week on a mission trip with a group from my church, I may not be able to put up the usual weekly precipitation forecast.  Here is your handy guide to finding your own long-term forecast info.

The main site I use for the 7 day QPF (quantitative precipitation forecast) is  You can get single day maps or accumulated maps for several days up to one week.  You can also get a look ahead at temperatures at using their outlook maps.

If you want a lot more information, there are more websites available with lots of weather maps.  One I like is, which gives you access to computer forecast models at a variety of time scales.  The information that is going to be most useful to you is the 2m (2 meter=6 feet) temperatures and departures and the total accumulated precipitation.  Remember that these are models and so have their own biases.  Sometimes they are better than others, and the farther out ahead in time you look, the less likely they are to be correct.  There are even more model runs at, but again, tread carefully.

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