In this series I previously mentioned the state climatologists for each state as a source of useful information on climate, agriculture, and any number of other things.  If you have a question related to weather or climate (and sometimes astronomy, earthquakes, and animal behavior as well), they have probably heard it.  State climatologists have a wealth of practical information about weather and climate in their home states but often have knowledge that ranges far outside their own boundaries.  They are very skilled at figuring out what you really need and then can help you get it.  And if they can’t answer your questions, they probably know someone who can!

This week I will be touring the state climate offices for each state in the Southeast to give you a flavor of what each one does.  If you live somewhere else in the United States, never fear!  Your state probably has a state climatologist as well.  At the moment, there are only two states with no state climate services: Massachusetts and Tennessee, although some states are more active than others.

You can find a link to your state climatologist at  The official organization of state climatologists is the American Association of State Climatologists; I am a past president of this fantastic organization.

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