An article yesterday in The Week shows that bad weather is good for incumbents on Election Day.  This may be due to the strong desire of invested citizens to participate in governmental choice compared to what you might call “fair weather” voters who are more likely to be discouraged from voting if the weather is uncomfortable. You can read the story by clicking here.

The forecast for tomorrow shows most of the Southeast in dry and cool conditions, which could add a bit to the counts for non-incumbents.  However, the impact of weather on elections has probably been reduced in recent years by the increase in early voting, which dilutes the impact of a single-day weather event.

Since most of the next week should be relatively dry except for a frontal passage mid-week, producers will have plenty of time to get field work done in good conditions.  Take a few minutes off of work and vote for the candidate of your choice.  Make your voice count!

rainfall voting day 2014