• As a youngster, I was fascinated with the idea of becoming an archaeologist.  I could not imagine a more romantic profession than studying ancient cultures and searching for clues in ancient sites.  To practice, I  would routinely bury my coin collection in plastic bags, make maps, and then months later get my metal detector out […]

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  • Most serious gardeners understand that composting is a great way to build good quality soil.  From mulching trees and perennials with pine straw or wood chips, grass cycling-not bagging your grass clippings, and structures to heap or pile compost; all are great and all of them are composting.  The latter example is where I find […]

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  • Cherokee County Extension is starting a new program for market growers in the county and surrounding areas.  The Farm Show and Tell series will take place at a farm to showcase the various operations and give our growers a chance to share what they are doing with others.  Each meeting will also have a topic […]

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  • Extension is offering some great classes this year for the person interested in home fruit and vegetable growing.   We hope to see you there!                

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  • Soil testing is a valuable tool to ensure success in your lawn and garden.  It provides a quick and accurate determination of the pH (acidity) and the level of several plant essential nutrients like: phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and magnessium.  These results will help guide your decisions on plant selection, soil preparation, and fertilization.  These decisions […]

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  • The transition of fall color in North Georgia is probably the most beautiful time of the year to enjoy the outdoors.  The show is so impressive that I have received calls from people with friends and family from out of state that plan their vacation to be here at the optimum time to enjoy the […]

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  • Soil is literally the foundation of life here on Earth.  Even if we are generations removed from life on the farm we should understand the important role soils play in our daily lives.  In recognition of this critical role that soils play in the health of our lives and that of our planet, the United […]

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