• The covid crisis has certainly led to an increased interest in gardening, particularly food gardening. Gardening with fruits is a great way to get kids interested in gardening and healthy food choices. We are holding a pre-order plant sale through October 23rd with proceeds going to the creation of a teaching garden/orchard project in the […]

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  • By Mary Tucker, Cherokee County Master Gardener Excerpt from article in Feb/Mar 2011 issue of Gardening with the Masters Anytime you are evaluating an introduced plant for your landscape, consider the following: if it naturalizes or self sows; how far it spreads; how fast it grows how its seeds are dispersed and if they will […]

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  • By: Mary Tucker, Cherokee County Master Gardener Excerpt from CCMG Newsletter June/July 2002 The piedmont azalea (Rhododendron canescens) is a hallmark of spring in Georgia, with its delicate, light pink blossoms dancing at the woodland’s edge to celebrate the change of the seasons.  It is most often found in deciduous woodlands where it receives ample […]

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  • Deer Crossing

    Fall is a great for many things: cooler weather, fall leaves, football Saturdays; maybe the only thing bad about fall is the increased risk of a collision with a deer on our roads and highways.  I wrecked my first car as a seventeen year old coming home from a friends house one night when a […]

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