Farmers Markets

  • Extension is hosting the training “Enhancing the Safety of Locally Grown Produce” for local fruit and vegetable growers on February 3rd.  This training will cover best practices for improving food safety on the farm and in the market.  Registration is $5 and will cover a booklet of materials, certificate and refreshments.  Please return the registration […]

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  • Cherokee County Extension is starting a new program for market growers in the county and surrounding areas.  The Farm Show and Tell series will take place at a farm to showcase the various operations and give our growers a chance to share what they are doing with others.  Each meeting will also have a topic […]

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  • Liz Porter, a Cherokee County Master Gardener and Farm Bureau member, has found a solution to turn a ruinous disease of corn into a high-value delicacy.  Check out the coverage of huitlacoche, or corn smut, in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and NPR.  Great job Liz and Buckeye Creek!

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  • With summer soon upon us, we will finally start to enjoy those delicious home grown tomatoes.  The ways to include tomatoes in a meal are only limited by one’s taste buds and imagination.  Americans love their tomatoes probably more than any other vegetable–but is it a vegetable?  Technically, by botanical definition, the tomato is a […]

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