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  • Dr. Kemerait received official word from the Georgia Department of Agriculture that the EPA has denied the request to use Counter 20G on cotton. (It is still legal on field corn) The reason given basically says that use on cotton would exceed the appropriate amount for the “risk cup” for terbufos (active ingredient) in the state.      

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  • Dr. Prostko has provided the information below about corn weed control during this wet and rainy period:   The rainy weather this week has delayed many postemergence herbicide applications in field corn.   Consequently, growers will be forced to make some tough decisions when the weather clears. Here are a few things to consider:   1) Refer to…

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  • I am going to attempt to start a blog that will contain timely row crop production information. I think this will enable faster and more efficient communication with producers and other clients. If we can improve the speed of communication, hopefully you will be able to make a quicker decision regarding issues that may arise.…

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