Horse Events/Webinars – Elevated Equine Webpage

AudienceEvent Date Event Name
January 2024
Pest Management Pros: 1 HPC & 1 WDO10thStructural Pest Management Webinar
Produce Growers 11-14th SE Fruit & Veggie Conference
Landscapers, Nursery, Homeowners18th Getting the Best of Pests: Trees Webinar
Anyone23rdSeptic Tank Health & Maintenance Workshop
February 2024
Cattlemen7th NE GA Beef Cattle Short Course
Feedstock Producers 7th Miscanthus and Switchgrass Listening Session
Small Scale Producers 7th Value Added Producer Workshop Webinar
Pest Management Pros / Anyone7thStructural Pest Webinar: House Flies & Brown Recluse
Master Gardeners8th Thoughtful Thursdays Webinar
Anyone 9thHunter Safety Course – Winder
Anyone 9thFarmer Mental Health Awareness Training
Beekeepers / Anyone 16-17th Spring 2024 GA Beekeepers Association Conference
Homeowners / Anyone21stAthens Green Thumb Lectures: Pruning
Landowners 24thLearn & Burn Workshop – Clarksville
Horse Handlers 28-Mar 1st Equine Welfare Assessment Skills Cert Course
March 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone6thStructural Pest Webinar: Sales and Tech in Pest Management
Cattlemen & Forage Producers7th Silvopasture Systems- Webinar
Homeowners / Anyone13th Athens Green Thumb Lectures: Native Plants for Butterflies & Moths
Cattlemen13-15th GA Cattlemen’s Association Annual Meeting
Master Gardeners14th Thoughtful Thursdays Webinar
Cattlemen & Forage Producers14thSilvopasture Systems- Webinar
Landscapers, Nursery, Homeowners14thGetting the Best of Pests: Nursery Weed Control Webinar
Small Farmers / Green Industry 15-16th Small Farm Business Development Conference
Beekeepers / Anyone16th Beginners Beekeeping School – Dacula
Homeowners / Anyone 19th Backyard Poultry 101 Workshop
Ag-sector Employees / Anyone20th 2024 Farm Stress Summit
Homeowners / Anyone21st Backyard Poultry 101 Workshop
Homeowners / Anyone25thApple Tree Grafting Workshop – Homer
April 2024
Anyone5th-May 31st (Every Friday)Georgia Master Naturalist Program – Athens-Clarke Co
Anyone / Homeowners / Gardeners5-6thHall Co MG Spring Garden Expo
Anyone 6th Statham Public Library Seed Swap
Anyone6thBarrow County Farmers Market Spring Festival
Pest Management Pros / Anyone10th Structural Pest Webinar: Pest Management Customer Service
Cattlemen & Forage Producers11thSilvopasture Systems- Field Day
Volunteers11thWimberly’s Roots Spring Season Start
Homeowners / Anyone17thAthens Green Thumb Lectures: Beginner’s Beekeeping
Anyone / Folks Interested in Cattle23rd & 25th Backyard Cattle Workshop – Oconee Co
8th-12th Grade Students24th Top Hand Stockmanship & Stewardship Contest – Athens
Anyone27thBird Nesting Shelf Workshop – Oconee Co
May 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone8thStructural Pest Webinar: Legal Issues & Record Keeping
Landscapers, Nursery, Homeowners16th Getting the Best of Pests: Greenhouse Biocontrol Webinar
Homeowners / Anyone22nd Athens Green Thumb Lectures: Compost (with Activity)
June 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone5th Structural Pest Webinar: Termite Biology
9-11th Graders 9-14th Natural Resource Conservation Workshop – Tifton
P-12 Grade Educators/Teachers 10-12thGrow it. Know it. Training
Homeowners / Anyone19thAthens Green Thumb Lectures: Gardening (Demo Garden)
July 2024
Anyone/ Organic Growers 1st Organic Growers Farm Tour
Anyone2nd Annual Corn Boil & Tour
Pest Management Pros / Anyone10th Structural Pest Webinar: Diagnostic Lab Samples
Landscapers, Nursery, Homeowners18thGetting the Best of Pests: Smart Irrigation & Soil Pests Webinar
Homeowners / Anyone 24thAthens Green Thumb Lectures: Drip Irrigation
Anyone24th GMREC Field Day & Farm Tour
August 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone7thStructural Pest Webinar: Termite Research & Regulatory Update
Anyone 23-24th Great SE Pollinator Census
Homeowners / Anyone28thAthens Green Thumb Lectures: Fall Veggie Gardening
September 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone11thStructural Pest Webinar: Ant & Cockroach Research Update
Homeowner / Anyone18th Athens Green Thumb Lectures: Lawn Care
Landscapers, Nursery, Homeowners19thGetting the Best of Pests: Turf Disease Management Webinar
October 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone9thStructural Pest Webinar: Pesticide Safety
Homeowner / Anyone 16th Athens Green Thumb Lectures: Bats & Bat House Building
November 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone6thStructural Pest Webinar: Stinging Wasps & Bees
Homeowners / Anyone13thAthens Green Thumb Lectures: Fruit Gardening
Landscapers, Nursery, Homeowners14th Getting the Best of Pests: Turfgrass Industry Update Webinar
December 2024
Pest Management Pros / Anyone4thStructural Pest Webinar: Training Centers of Excellence