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We have been looking at a lot of cotton fields emerging this time of year. Some of the earlier planted cotton already has two leaves on it and observations are being made to see how bad the thrips damage is and whether foliar treatment is warranted.

Thrips management starts with planting date decisions, and in-furrow options.

If in-furrow options were utilized, you can expect 3-4 weeks of control. If just the imidacloprid seed treatment is used, then you can expect about 2 weeks of control.

It is important to scout cotton after emergence and up until 4-leaf stage for thrips. The threshold we use are 2-3 adult thrips and immatures present per plant This number should be achieved as an average from several plants being slapped onto a white piece of paper as a better way to view thrips.

Adult tobacco thrips (most common) are almost blackish in appearance, while immatures are even smaller and creme colored.

A common option for foliar insecticide if treatment is warranted is Orthene.

Pictured above is a close up of thrips on white paper

Scouting for thrips by slapping plants onto white paper                      Scott Carlson checking thrips counts
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