Dr. Pamela Turner, Extension Housing Specialist, provided the information below the stars “***” to the UGA Extension Agents related to Radon in Georgia Counties.  Radon occurs naturally in areas where there is granite bedrock.


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January is National Radon Action Month (NRAM).  I am hoping that all of you will help this be an impactful month. Below are our top 10 counties in Georgia with radon levels above the action level of 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L).


County Tests Completed Elevated Results % Elevated Highest Result (pCi/L)
Haralson 88     41 46.59 22.5
Union 626   291 46.49 71.3
Jackson 1620   716 44.20 39.3
Barrow 785   338 43.06 92.0
Fannin 597   253 42.38 46.4
Gilmer 442   177 40.05 33.4
Douglas 821   322 39.22 45.8
Lumpkin 375   140 37.33 23.1
Butts 75     27           36.00 15.5
Walton 2339   825 35.27 37.3


NOTE: Data is from four labs, and is based on test results from individuals who self-selected to test their homes between March 2003 and July 2017.


I encourage you to incorporate the radon test results for your county into the news article below. Using the recently updated map of Georgia radon in air test results (www.UGAradon.org) you can personalize the article for your county.  Feel free to modify or adapt the article for use in local papers and newsletters in December or January. If you use the article, or write one of your own, please let me know.  Attached is a marketing packet with several social media posts and radon promotion ideas you can use in your county.


Please consider offering a radon program in your county. Derek Cooper, the new UGA Radon Educator, is available to conduct programs in your county. UGA offers radon in water testing as well, so if you are interested in a program on radon in water, you can contact Uttam Saha (sahau@uga.edu), Program Coordinator for the Feed and  Environmental Water Lab.


For more information, materials, and to schedule programs you can contact Derek at ugaradon@uga.edu. Thanks for supporting the UGA Radon Education Program!