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Drew’s Life Changing Journey

I was asked by the Garden Club of Georgia to provide a presentation for them about water and how we use water.  So I prepared my presentation and when I arrived to the meeting, one of the ladies told me that a young lady would be taking part in my presentation.  Well it turns out that young lady was one of my daughters best friends.  This young lady’s name is Abby.  Well during my presentation I had a part where I discussed the water cycle.  So at that time I stopped my presentation and Abby read a story she had written about the water cycle.  With her permission I have reproduced it here:



 Drew’s Life Changing Journey, by Abby

“Good morning, class,” said Mrs. Dropilina.  Drew the Drop’s 4th grade teacher always greeted her students at the door with a warm welcome.  Drew was a water droplet of course and he loved starting a new chapter in science.  Today was going to be an incredible day at Dropwood Elementary School because Drew was going to learn about his life journey.  “Listen up class.  We will be studying the water cycle, and you will be a part of that someday,” said Mrs. Dropilina.  Drew quietly raised his hand with a look of wonder.  “Yes, Drew?” said his teacher.  “When will that day be?” asked Drew.  Mrs. Dropilina said, “It’ll be someday.  Don’t you worry!”  Well Drew worried alright.  It seemed like forever and ever but finally the day came on Drew’s 21st birthday.



Drew began his birthday by relaxing in his lime green lounge chair on a hot, sunny day while reading ­Among the Hidden.  He started to rise upward and wondered what was happening.  Then he recalled learning about his life journey back in 4th grade.  He was experiencing evaporation which is the first stage of the water cycle.  The next thing he knew he was shivering with chill bumps.  He was condensing.  This was the second stage of the water cycle called condensation.  He began to make some friends because he was in a cloud with a bunch of other water droplets.  As more and more friends joined the cloud it got heavier and heavier.  Eventually he started to fall as rain also known as precipitation the third stage of the water cycle.  Splat!  He fell onto a mountain and started to trickle down.  It felt like a slippery, twisting slide.  This was called run-off.  As he flowed back into the Mississippi River he remembered that his teacher, Mrs. Dropilina, had told him about his life journey and he realized he just experienced it.  Mrs. Dropilina was right.  He had nothing to worry about!



I know the water cycle is part of the 4th grade curriculum this time of the year so I wanted to share this with you.