With 53 Georgia counties in a Level 1 drought condition currently, the main focus should be water conservation.  Some of the things that can be done to conserve water are listed below:

Indoors:  One fact sheet from UGA is Every Drop Counts: Conserve Water at Home

1.  Run water only when needed

2.  If you have to run the “hot” water to get it hot, save the “cold” water and use for watering plants both inside and outside

3.  Wash only Full loads of laundry and dishes

4.  Fix any leaks in the house (sink, toilet)

5.  Take shorter showers

Outdoors:  One Fact sheet from UGA is Make Every Drop Count: Managing a Water-Wise Landacape

1.  Fix any leaking faucets

2.  Fix any leaking irrigation systems

3.  Water as needed without over watering

4.  Mulch where you can to reduce evaporation


For more information contact your Local County Extension Office or call 1-800-ASK-UGA1.