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Wine and Juice Analysis

UGA Crop Quality Laboratory Analytical Services for Wine and Grapes Our goal is to offer analytical support for Georgia wine producers to monitor the quality of their entire winemaking process. The crop quality laboratory at UGA offers an array of analytical tests for grapes, juice, musts, and finished product which…
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Mechanical leaf removal considerations for vineyards

The following was written by John Scaduto, Rabun County Extension Coordinator, ANR Agent, and UGA Viticulture Extension Team member.  Thank you for the insight, John.   Research and experience has necessitated several manual labor tasks being performed in wine grape vineyards before the fruit ever reaches the winery. Of the…
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Monitoring maturity / deciding when to pick.

MONITORING MATURITY: Monitoring grape maturity is important in order to determine when to pick. I am not going to go into the rather subjective details of what defines maturity for making quality wine. Most industry practitioners use a combination of chemical and sensory evaluations to determine when to pick (……
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Reflections on Resistance

Pierce’s Disease (PD) is an ever present threat in the minds of many grape-growers.  This disease, caused by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, is spread by many vectors, but most notably, the glassy winged sharpshooter (GWSS).  Though PD was first discovered in Anaheim, California and was spread by the blue-green sharpshooter,…
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Sour Rot Reported — Management Plan

Sour rot is showing up in some Georgia vineyards (see photo below), and this is really no surprise with our environment.  The classic vinegar smell in the vineyard helps to identify sour rot, as other rots are somewhat similar as they initially develop. We have issues with this disease complex…
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